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182-200 /366, slowly healing

July 21, 2012
some major catch-up, and trying to heal.
maybe one of these days I’ll write something good, let my heart spill onto the internet
you know, so you don’t have to put up with me being so vague anymore.
but for now, here’s an extra long, jumbled up post to make up for it.

177-182 /366, happy fourth of July!

July 5, 2012
these are in kind of a random order- but enjoy!

peach cobbler !

read the water mellon story here

and then I brought my brother, Matthew to see and play with some of the dogs I’m watching! (Joey & Sunshine pictures)


176 /366, an adventure, they said

June 29, 2012
today we went on an epic lake adventure… really made my whole entire day.

(out of focus but still pretty 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

“no stealing, these are both my balls… and I am serious”

that was my whole day. Needless to say, it was amazing.
Thanks Megan & Kai!!

and might I add, look how far he’s come in a year [here]


121-123 /366, total eclipse of the sun

May 21, 2012
I never thought it’d be difficult to open both eyes while looking through the viewfinder, but indeed, it is. So here I am, I figured it was probably time for a self-portrait. I typically enjoy pointing the camera elsewhere. Yesterday, quite a few exciting things happened, Prom, I’ll Have Another winning the second leg of the Triple Crown races (horse racing, if you don’t follow it.. ).
And today, today there is a Solar Eclipse, and I suppose, if you want to get technical, it wouldn’t be a total eclipse of the sun because the corona does not get covered completely by the moon. Hence, calling it a corona. But that was probably too nerdy for the lot of you. This is what happens when you’ve got brothers who correct your terms, I suppose. But then again, I probably do the same for them… in a different manner. 

(above) tracking the Sun (how far along the eclipse is) via two pieces of paper., one with a circular hole in it. Rather interesting means of research, but I suppose, if you’d rather not track the moon yourself, you could always go inside and see it on the television.

 and now for some pie! major food-treats today-

“read more” for Senior Prom Pictures (not all of them uploaded)

photos courtesy of Courtney Johnson & Daphne Andrews. (thank you!!)

97-99/366, entries

April 28, 2012
April 25th was Matthew’s fourteenth birthday…

and finally, today, we worked entries. George was going wild, super enthusiastic, energetic and crazy confident… and it made him exceptionally fun to run. It’d also been a while since we worked weaves on the front yard lawn. oh, and did I mention, we were running? I also managed to get some decent distance and independence on his weaves and jumps, which felt really right. He’s very bulky to run, he bounds almost like a lab with a huge dorky grin on his face (I’m sure I didn’t look much different) and it’s really rewarding, when he’s confident like that.  I stopped the session quite early, making  him want more… so we really were able to end on a good note, and I think that’s important of any training session.

I’m hoping that tomorrow we’ll be able to go do agility at the field and *hopefully* carry over some of that confidence. Of course, I mean, agility after I’ve studied for my ELM and finished the next part of my stock project-of course!