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August 31, 2012
Who was the genius that thought I could live without my camera for a week… or two… or more..?  Clearly they have no idea who they’re talking about. (oh wait, that was me)… I’m getting lazy. Photo wise.  Instagram has made me even lazier, because, not only do you take the photo with less effort than it takes to use a point and shoot, the app practically edits the photo for you.  Laziness +100. 


I think SLR’s are to point and shoots (or worse, iphone photo’s) as stick shift is to automatic (in cars, obviously).  Manual is much more complex, but much more fun… and the reward is so much better.  The reward being you feel like you’re that much cooler..?  So as I write (and kind of complain) I feel slightly sad that my photos are JUST instagram photos.  Sadness mingled with hope that for my birthday, when my parents come up, they’ll *hopefully* bring my camera / lenses/ charger/ everything.


So, George photos.  I did get to go home for a teeny bit last weekend.  I just spent the night at home, nothing more (sadly) but shortly after, we got to go to Hanna and Ava’s house for Ava’s eighth birthday. As it was Ava’s birthday, I remembered writing about it last year.  Thus, the benefits of blogging, you can essentially go back in time (last year).  I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring my camera, but that wasn’t on my mind as I rushed out the door with George to make the trip to Oakland with my family this year.


(Ava’s birthday cake // Ashby Theatre in downtown Oakland // Jake // retrospect)

And now I’m back… blogging from college.  My first *real* text post in a while.  I guess I’ve been busy.  I’m still hoping for the equestrian team.  Emailing them now, actually.  I really, really miss playing agility… and George… and my family… and everyone.
Class has been good, I’ve met a bunch of new friends already!  Life is good.  Change is… well… different.