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176 /366, an adventure, they said

June 29, 2012
today we went on an epic lake adventure… really made my whole entire day.

(out of focus but still pretty 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

“no stealing, these are both my balls… and I am serious”

that was my whole day. Needless to say, it was amazing.
Thanks Megan & Kai!!

and might I add, look how far he’s come in a year [here]


131-138/366, food.

June 3, 2012
I can be a foodie, sometimes too.

in other news, I graduated High School on May 31st!
officially an FHS Alumni!

124-130 /366, lakelakelake

May 27, 2012
as the wind blew and clouds began to cover the sky, Megan, Bailey, Kai, Jeni, George and I decided to head for rougher waters, finding them by the shores of the lake. 
Jeni was the brave one, braving the cold waves for the tennis ball… Kai was being adorable and would occasionally go for it, while George remained content to stay by the side, only occasionally getting in the water to have waves sneak up and splash him. 
And upon a wave getting to him, he’d sprint out of the water as fast as he could, shaking off and wishing he hadn’t gotten into the water in the first place. oops.
Kai looked completely at home with the water, (despite Jeni being the main-ball-getter). She also managed to get the most stoic of photographs, the scenic background only making her *if possible* prettier.
and then, there is Jeni, ball getter extraordinare. She was intent on playing fetch the entire time and braved the cool waters and waves valiantly. 
 she also fell victim to some of Kai’s shaking action 😉
as she usually brought the ball back and ended up for fitting it to one of the other dogs.
oh how badly I wanted the photo below to be in focus, George was actually being social the whole time with other dogs, he made real friends!!
but of course, the real purpose of their friendship was mainly for the ball…
 Kai and Jeni would go for the ball, George only pretended.

and then came group photo time! Jeni and Kai were being adorably brave and well behaved… 
and then we have George, who seemed to be convinced that if he sat on that rock that a wave would come and get him. Or something like that.

 he was in ball mode, so that also probably attained to his discomfort. *we’re not playing fetch and she has a ball in her hand, clearly there must be something wrong here*
 good thing he’s super cute.
 …… and then, we left, right before the rain came. 
yesterday was an unbelievably fun adventure. I do certainly love the lake.
ah yes, and after we parted ways I went home and made pizza (yes Bailey, if you’re reading this you totally made me crave pizza hahahah) and I went to go see the film, The Dictator with some of my friends… after watching some previews, I was hoping I’d find it funny, only to be very disappointed. I don’t recommend seeing it, they tried too hard to make it funny and completely failed… so just watch the previews, they’re funny!

93/366, No Fear

April 21, 2012
Fearless is not a word most people, I hear, describe themselves as wanting to become.  Our society is anxiety-prone… if we’ll admit to it or not. We’re constantly checking facebook, twitter, or any of the other various social networks on a quest for some form of acceptance. Something to tell them that they’re saying the right things, being the right person. If not in the social aspect, people are working: school, jobs, things around the house… all perfect examples of more stress-laden activities that we fret about from day to day. People see worrying about these things to be of the norm and our brains seem to bypass the fact that indeed, it is yet another form of stress, another form of fear. We don’t want stress, we dread being worrisome… and here we are.

I woke up this morning, to my disgust, sharply, my head throbbing and everything in me wanted more sleep. But life needed to begin, I have to study for my ELM, clean up some stuff, finish my English and econ homework and study more for my ELM… I wanted to work on something for David, that I could finish up and send over on Monday… all the while craving the feelings of going to a trial. I know, I’ve got a lot to be worried about right now, and I should use agility as my motivation, but it’s been too long since we’ve trialed. I wish we could trial more regularly… or at least more often. I just have to keep pushing myself to focus. Work first, reward myself with a trial later.

So you’re probably wondering, what book this is, that I am oh so keen on taking photos of… I’m reading it for my English class, though I’d recommend it if you want a “killer” of a thriller. it’s called Velocity, written by Dean Koontz and though the novel itself is not as captivating as The Hunger Games was (unlike Hunger Games, this book allows you time to stop reading and take a break… or a breath), the methodology in which he writes the chain for a serial killer is mystifying and leaves you throughly creeped out, constantly questioning what you’d do in that scenario. 

break the mold.

January 9, 2012

what is life to tell you that you can’t, to knock you down and refuse to help you up when you fall.
to lift you up and show you the world.. please tell me for I do not understand, life, beyond words is something myself, I, cannot comprehend. Many question it’s reason, it’s wonder, it’s why? Yet, who are we to question such things, as when the rain falls, and thunder strikes, there is nothing we can do to make it stop. Who are we to create such answers and drop blame into the open arms of others. It is not our place to blame, hate, nor tell what is just and what isn’t. We are young, untested against the will of time… and only time, will tell.