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221-232 /366, who said

August 31, 2012
Who was the genius that thought I could live without my camera for a week… or two… or more..?  Clearly they have no idea who they’re talking about. (oh wait, that was me)… I’m getting lazy. Photo wise.  Instagram has made me even lazier, because, not only do you take the photo with less effort than it takes to use a point and shoot, the app practically edits the photo for you.  Laziness +100. 


I think SLR’s are to point and shoots (or worse, iphone photo’s) as stick shift is to automatic (in cars, obviously).  Manual is much more complex, but much more fun… and the reward is so much better.  The reward being you feel like you’re that much cooler..?  So as I write (and kind of complain) I feel slightly sad that my photos are JUST instagram photos.  Sadness mingled with hope that for my birthday, when my parents come up, they’ll *hopefully* bring my camera / lenses/ charger/ everything.


So, George photos.  I did get to go home for a teeny bit last weekend.  I just spent the night at home, nothing more (sadly) but shortly after, we got to go to Hanna and Ava’s house for Ava’s eighth birthday. As it was Ava’s birthday, I remembered writing about it last year.  Thus, the benefits of blogging, you can essentially go back in time (last year).  I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring my camera, but that wasn’t on my mind as I rushed out the door with George to make the trip to Oakland with my family this year.


(Ava’s birthday cake // Ashby Theatre in downtown Oakland // Jake // retrospect)

And now I’m back… blogging from college.  My first *real* text post in a while.  I guess I’ve been busy.  I’m still hoping for the equestrian team.  Emailing them now, actually.  I really, really miss playing agility… and George… and my family… and everyone.
Class has been good, I’ve met a bunch of new friends already!  Life is good.  Change is… well… different.


169-173/366 the good people

June 25, 2012
It’s been a Jack Johnson kind of weekend. Well, this whole past week really. Super smooth, easy going… more family than anything kind of week. To say depressed wouldn’t work because this whole past week (or past few weeks) has been an emotional roller coaster.

I didn’t use my camera at all these past few days (poor camera) and neither of these photos aren’t even taken by me. So thanks to everyone who contributed to this segment of the 365 project. It’s just recording life accurately – I guess. 

First off, George spent the entire day yesterday with Jeni, Kai, Hanna, Tarra,  Megan and Bailey… they went to the lake, for walks and other adventures (without me!! so lucky..) 

photo by Megan Miller, thank you again

and Megan, I probably won’t stop saying thank you for the next few weeks. It’ll probably get annoying, you can tell me to stop… but I probably won’t….
anyhow, while George was having a blast (this, I’m sure of- when we got home he went right to sleep, he was totally relaxed)… I was in Oakland, with family.  One could say, times were tough… but I think there were some mixed feelings. For sure, it was rough without David. I miss him more than I could ever say. His energy and presence is irreplaceable and I only wish my own spirit to ever be nearly as kind and loving and well… full of integrity as his was and is, in each person he touched.

Leaving those thoughts in the open air seems strange. He doesn’t seem ‘gone’ at all… more so, he’s still clearly present, influencing us to be better people. So for that I owe him.

But then there were the sweet parts, reminding me what an amazing family I have, and what amazing friends my family has. The amount of support we’ve all had has been incredible.  Thank all of you very much.

exibit b: support.
well, actually, it’s just Me and Ava… and Sean creeping in the corner, she’s the best… but shh don’t tell Hanna 😉

photo by Nancy Detmers

I’m enjoying having facetime on my computer. Hanna tongue!
we look a little bit deranged, but that’s okay, we were laughing so it was worth it. Completely.

and Jake… the only photo I took – with my cell phone.
and now for some videos…

and for those of you who didn’t get to see it, here is the David slideshow video [link].
and when it’s finished loading, more Jack Johnson to some older agility clips [link].


156-168/366, light will come again

June 21, 2012
from “with my head in the sand” [credit]

Really, I have. I’ve also been wanting to clear my head, and writing, well… that’s just what I needed. I wanted answers, I wanted reason, I wanted drive. I wanted some kind of motivation that I knew I wasn’t going to get.  Being in the city clouds my head, mind you… I enjoy the diversity, the architecture and the million “awesome photo” opportunities. 

This week’s been tough, there’s been a lot of looking back, and trying to move forward. but as everyone is trying to do everything for everyone else, emotions are high, most logic is gone… and I’ve gone into a kind of panicked state. George is picking up on it I’m sure… and right now, it feels like the world around me (well, mostly my family) is shaking. Like everything is unstable and turned up, so here I am, using my computer as a base. I think this could potentially grow into a bad habit, but it works for this project.

Every time I look at a rear view mirror, I read the bottom, objects in mirror are closer than they appear… which takes me back to this picture, I’d seen where someone had written “change” in the mirror. Change is closer than it appears.  Pretty creative, but my rear view mirror mostly reflects how dirty my Dad’s car is. I should probably wash it for him. Maybe.

These next couple of photos are my favorite from this week, the rest are kind of… well, eh.
This first one, for the symbolism. “the light will come again” … it’s some lyric from some song I don’t actually know. It’s probably a lyric in a lot of songs, so I won’t try to go find out which one I’d heard it from… but I caught it, as a reminder to myself… things always get better. Maybe not in the same way, or as they were before… but they get better. 

 and below, this is my way-over-saturated San Francisco. This is as close as I’ve gotten to “street photography” (which someday I’d like to try… someday). I just liked the colors, it was *big surprise* normally foggy this week, so my photos all had that foggy haze to them, so many of them are over saturated, a little.

this architecture, below… this is my favorite part of San Francisco. Where else do they make contemporary, victorian style architecture look modern? No where that I’ve ever been. I could never live in the city (I’m saying this now, but watch it happen)… but I love to take pictures of it.

and last but not least, there is no where else will you find this much wifi on a bridge. I opened the wifi pannel and BAM, the list continues forever… this was nearing the Toll area by the bay bridge (leaving the city)… I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it. Crazy, right?

I also have some awesome webcam pictures of myself and Ava… but I won’t upload them 😉 So I’ll just tease you… but hey, here’s some foggy pictures that I thought were okay (out of the 512 that I took…) I just didn’t like the grey froggy-ness of it all. But that’s San Francisco for you 😉

I miss David…. I wish I could talk about him without getting choked up.


147-155 /366, when you lose someone, you can’t replace

June 17, 2012

I don’t want to re-write it. read it here.
there are so many reasons, I’d rather not have published anything this weekend.
but it helps, reading it afterwords. Taking pictures helps. I guess.

139-146 /366, summer joy

June 8, 2012
George is quite devious..
and lazy

and I have become a little obsessed with how water looks in photographs..

so much texture and color… mmmmm!


131-138/366, food.

June 3, 2012
I can be a foodie, sometimes too.

in other news, I graduated High School on May 31st!
officially an FHS Alumni!

121-123 /366, total eclipse of the sun

May 21, 2012
I never thought it’d be difficult to open both eyes while looking through the viewfinder, but indeed, it is. So here I am, I figured it was probably time for a self-portrait. I typically enjoy pointing the camera elsewhere. Yesterday, quite a few exciting things happened, Prom, I’ll Have Another winning the second leg of the Triple Crown races (horse racing, if you don’t follow it.. ).
And today, today there is a Solar Eclipse, and I suppose, if you want to get technical, it wouldn’t be a total eclipse of the sun because the corona does not get covered completely by the moon. Hence, calling it a corona. But that was probably too nerdy for the lot of you. This is what happens when you’ve got brothers who correct your terms, I suppose. But then again, I probably do the same for them… in a different manner. 

(above) tracking the Sun (how far along the eclipse is) via two pieces of paper., one with a circular hole in it. Rather interesting means of research, but I suppose, if you’d rather not track the moon yourself, you could always go inside and see it on the television.

 and now for some pie! major food-treats today-

“read more” for Senior Prom Pictures (not all of them uploaded)

photos courtesy of Courtney Johnson & Daphne Andrews. (thank you!!)