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177-182 /366, happy fourth of July!

July 5, 2012
these are in kind of a random order- but enjoy!

peach cobbler !

read the water mellon story here

and then I brought my brother, Matthew to see and play with some of the dogs I’m watching! (Joey & Sunshine pictures)


176 /366, an adventure, they said

June 29, 2012
today we went on an epic lake adventure… really made my whole entire day.

(out of focus but still pretty 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

“no stealing, these are both my balls… and I am serious”

that was my whole day. Needless to say, it was amazing.
Thanks Megan & Kai!!

and might I add, look how far he’s come in a year [here]


169-173/366 the good people

June 25, 2012
It’s been a Jack Johnson kind of weekend. Well, this whole past week really. Super smooth, easy going… more family than anything kind of week. To say depressed wouldn’t work because this whole past week (or past few weeks) has been an emotional roller coaster.

I didn’t use my camera at all these past few days (poor camera) and neither of these photos aren’t even taken by me. So thanks to everyone who contributed to this segment of the 365 project. It’s just recording life accurately – I guess. 

First off, George spent the entire day yesterday with Jeni, Kai, Hanna, Tarra,  Megan and Bailey… they went to the lake, for walks and other adventures (without me!! so lucky..) 

photo by Megan Miller, thank you again

and Megan, I probably won’t stop saying thank you for the next few weeks. It’ll probably get annoying, you can tell me to stop… but I probably won’t….
anyhow, while George was having a blast (this, I’m sure of- when we got home he went right to sleep, he was totally relaxed)… I was in Oakland, with family.  One could say, times were tough… but I think there were some mixed feelings. For sure, it was rough without David. I miss him more than I could ever say. His energy and presence is irreplaceable and I only wish my own spirit to ever be nearly as kind and loving and well… full of integrity as his was and is, in each person he touched.

Leaving those thoughts in the open air seems strange. He doesn’t seem ‘gone’ at all… more so, he’s still clearly present, influencing us to be better people. So for that I owe him.

But then there were the sweet parts, reminding me what an amazing family I have, and what amazing friends my family has. The amount of support we’ve all had has been incredible.  Thank all of you very much.

exibit b: support.
well, actually, it’s just Me and Ava… and Sean creeping in the corner, she’s the best… but shh don’t tell Hanna 😉

photo by Nancy Detmers

I’m enjoying having facetime on my computer. Hanna tongue!
we look a little bit deranged, but that’s okay, we were laughing so it was worth it. Completely.

and Jake… the only photo I took – with my cell phone.
and now for some videos…

and for those of you who didn’t get to see it, here is the David slideshow video [link].
and when it’s finished loading, more Jack Johnson to some older agility clips [link].


156-168/366, light will come again

June 21, 2012
from “with my head in the sand” [credit]

Really, I have. I’ve also been wanting to clear my head, and writing, well… that’s just what I needed. I wanted answers, I wanted reason, I wanted drive. I wanted some kind of motivation that I knew I wasn’t going to get.  Being in the city clouds my head, mind you… I enjoy the diversity, the architecture and the million “awesome photo” opportunities. 

This week’s been tough, there’s been a lot of looking back, and trying to move forward. but as everyone is trying to do everything for everyone else, emotions are high, most logic is gone… and I’ve gone into a kind of panicked state. George is picking up on it I’m sure… and right now, it feels like the world around me (well, mostly my family) is shaking. Like everything is unstable and turned up, so here I am, using my computer as a base. I think this could potentially grow into a bad habit, but it works for this project.

Every time I look at a rear view mirror, I read the bottom, objects in mirror are closer than they appear… which takes me back to this picture, I’d seen where someone had written “change” in the mirror. Change is closer than it appears.  Pretty creative, but my rear view mirror mostly reflects how dirty my Dad’s car is. I should probably wash it for him. Maybe.

These next couple of photos are my favorite from this week, the rest are kind of… well, eh.
This first one, for the symbolism. “the light will come again” … it’s some lyric from some song I don’t actually know. It’s probably a lyric in a lot of songs, so I won’t try to go find out which one I’d heard it from… but I caught it, as a reminder to myself… things always get better. Maybe not in the same way, or as they were before… but they get better. 

 and below, this is my way-over-saturated San Francisco. This is as close as I’ve gotten to “street photography” (which someday I’d like to try… someday). I just liked the colors, it was *big surprise* normally foggy this week, so my photos all had that foggy haze to them, so many of them are over saturated, a little.

this architecture, below… this is my favorite part of San Francisco. Where else do they make contemporary, victorian style architecture look modern? No where that I’ve ever been. I could never live in the city (I’m saying this now, but watch it happen)… but I love to take pictures of it.

and last but not least, there is no where else will you find this much wifi on a bridge. I opened the wifi pannel and BAM, the list continues forever… this was nearing the Toll area by the bay bridge (leaving the city)… I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it. Crazy, right?

I also have some awesome webcam pictures of myself and Ava… but I won’t upload them 😉 So I’ll just tease you… but hey, here’s some foggy pictures that I thought were okay (out of the 512 that I took…) I just didn’t like the grey froggy-ness of it all. But that’s San Francisco for you 😉

I miss David…. I wish I could talk about him without getting choked up.


119-120 /366, last

May 18, 2012

“Remember the last thing you did in here, besides PDF” Cav, my newspaper teacher said as I continued to edit the newspaper. My last year on the Newspaper, my last year at Folsom High School. I realized the last thing I would do in newspaper would be to edit the back page… which went through some serious phase changes. I brought my camera to school today. It was our last rally and I sure as hell wasn’t going to a rally without a camera. I’ve never been to a rally without my camera and that wasn’t about to change.

I pulled into my parking spot at school, slowly realizing that soon it would no longer be my spot. Somebody would take it after I left (or not since it’s in the back.. ). Weird feelings. I’m ready for this change but it felt so rushed, so fast. Like I didn’t have time to blink, and bam, it’d be over in an instant. I decided to stop looking back. Keep moving forward. Keep the memories here, on my blog, then I wouldn’t have to fill my thoughts with them. I could keep my eye on where I want to go. The future.
That morning, I’d decided to go to Panera..  which is delicious. I got my usual. Favorite. Chai, and trying something new.. I tried this (below) fruit tart. Keep the old close, but try something new. That’s what I did. The two were a delicacy and the trip to Panera definitely made my morning. 

I arrived at school and proceeded to work on Newspaper. At that point, it still hadn’t completely dawned on me that this is our last paper. After this we’re done. No more. No more giant picture collages and spreads to lay out and photograph for. Now I have to smile at these past four years. I’ve accomplished quite a bit, and grown quite a bit since my first article and photography on Boy’s Soccer in 2008. I’d designed the inside spread for Every 15 Minutes in 2010 and 2012, when our high school went to State Championships I was responsible for that whole spread, rallies… and countless other events that I’ve covered. I think though, among my biggest accomplishments for the paper were designing the front page for every issue except two this year.

Crazy thoughts, this will have been the last ever front page I’ve designed. The Junior Edition will be the last paper with my sidebars. Crazy thoughts. Kind of funny how now I’m starting to miss it, when only a short while ago, you would find that complaining about Newspaper was a topic I’d bring up with almost anyone. Bother. I knew this day would come, when I’d start to miss that class. Hell, my freshman year I missed it so much during the summer, I’d constantly look at old ones. Who knew the paper was that large piece of my life at the time. And Now. But here I am, looking back when I really need to keep looking forward. Keep moving, the past has been done.

The Senior Rally today was rather interesting, the black lights were an awful effect for me, with my camera. It was all much too dark to record much at all. Pity.

Sara and I stayed after school today for Newspaper, for the last time. Realizing that was probably the hardest. It is stress-relieving to sit down and lay pages out to music. I opened QuarkXPress to retrieve an old photo, also remembering that I’d probably never use or see Quark again. More weird thoughts. We worked hard, laughed harder and ate some chicken nuggets (thanks Cav!).

and one last photo of the work-in-progress Bulldog Times. It’s been a good, long, four years.  I’ll miss my “Newspaper family” but I’ve got a lot to look forward to.  Lots of things will change, and so will I. 

94-96/366, heat wave

April 25, 2012
I was going to post some of these yesterday, however, there was a slight… issue with my computer. In the morning it woke me up with a screeching sound. I shut off my  laptop, and it was back, again in but fifteen minutes. So I took off the battery, unplugged it and after school, backed everything up on my portable hard drive. Good grief. Anyways, it’s running fine today. It is still tough typing without an S-key (for those of you who don’t know, it and it’s little sensor bubble popped off and are not going back in…). I swear, my laptop is on a roll, or something. 
George isn’t totally crazy, I swear…. well, maybe a little. He was making some strange faces yesterday, and it’s really cute. He know can tell me which of my feet is my right / left foot, yay, new trick! However, I originally intended to shape this trick from touching my feet to holding his feet up (not quite wave, but holding them to show he knew his rights and lefts, however, I trained him my right and left, so he’s backwards. It’s slightly confusing.
We also were able to swim on Sunday, for me, swimming used to be a very freeing feeling, but lately I’ve been haunted by previous year’s experiences. I keep telling myself to forget, move on, and not to think about it. But here I am, thinking about it. Since we’ve gotten the pool, I’ve had bad luck, in injuring myself being in it.  However, no fear, I’m going to keep telling myself that this year, year three will be fine. I will have fun, and lucky number three will get me out of this bad-pool-luck phase.
I’m still a bit freaked out. I think, though, it’s okay if I’m cautious…. I just have to avoid being overly paranoid.  Again, fear is a mental state of mind in which you put yourself, mostly, probably, because of some form of outside stimulus. I just have to keep telling myself that I’m crazy and I’ll be fine, no big deal. I’m also wondering how George does it. I mean, controls his fear. George is fearless. I’m not. He loves making the teeter bang down and could care less if he tripped / fell / knocked a bar / pretty much anything except fireworks doesn’t seem to bother him. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to convince himself, oh no big deal, I’ll just run up this board that tips really fast and stop at the end (well, sometimes, we’re working on that one..). Maybe he just doesn’t care. Or maybe it’s just proof he’ll do anything for food / his tennis ball.
Today was a good day. And so, I hope, tomorrow is.


93/366, No Fear

April 21, 2012
Fearless is not a word most people, I hear, describe themselves as wanting to become.  Our society is anxiety-prone… if we’ll admit to it or not. We’re constantly checking facebook, twitter, or any of the other various social networks on a quest for some form of acceptance. Something to tell them that they’re saying the right things, being the right person. If not in the social aspect, people are working: school, jobs, things around the house… all perfect examples of more stress-laden activities that we fret about from day to day. People see worrying about these things to be of the norm and our brains seem to bypass the fact that indeed, it is yet another form of stress, another form of fear. We don’t want stress, we dread being worrisome… and here we are.

I woke up this morning, to my disgust, sharply, my head throbbing and everything in me wanted more sleep. But life needed to begin, I have to study for my ELM, clean up some stuff, finish my English and econ homework and study more for my ELM… I wanted to work on something for David, that I could finish up and send over on Monday… all the while craving the feelings of going to a trial. I know, I’ve got a lot to be worried about right now, and I should use agility as my motivation, but it’s been too long since we’ve trialed. I wish we could trial more regularly… or at least more often. I just have to keep pushing myself to focus. Work first, reward myself with a trial later.

So you’re probably wondering, what book this is, that I am oh so keen on taking photos of… I’m reading it for my English class, though I’d recommend it if you want a “killer” of a thriller. it’s called Velocity, written by Dean Koontz and though the novel itself is not as captivating as The Hunger Games was (unlike Hunger Games, this book allows you time to stop reading and take a break… or a breath), the methodology in which he writes the chain for a serial killer is mystifying and leaves you throughly creeped out, constantly questioning what you’d do in that scenario.