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212-220 /366, the places we will go

August 19, 2012
today is my first 365 post from my dorm.  Such a weird thought knowing my camera is at home, a few hours away, stowed and probably won’t be used for a while. I wish I had it with me, sometimes, most of the time.  But it’s safe at home.  But for now, because this is an *actual* post (because I feel like I need to explain what’s going on in life..) I will pause and let you enjoy the pictures.  With a little explanation.
(real camping pictures courtesy of Ciera Winters… this isn’t all of them, but some of them. Thank you!!)

my last week at home, I went camping with a bunch of friends. A trip I will never forget, one with crazy adventures, geocaching….. and just madness, bugbites, and some kind of happiness I don’t think anything else could achieve. These people are pretty cool kids. … okay maybe we’re a bit crazy 😉

geocaching- the last night there… Hayden and his Liger!

clearly, we are crazy adventurers/ geocachers..
also, a video by Ciera… perf.

“pretend that we like eachother”

I worked a bit on my wreck this journal, which came with me to college (so you’ll be seeing more updates on that! (… my iphone is going to be my camera until I decide I can’t live without my camera for much longer)

my dorm room… complete with photos of George, Kaiya :(, Rev, “Splash” and as many more pictures as I could possibly get on the wall.

me and my Mama.

last night I was hypnotized! I got to volunteer to make a fool of myself on stage infront of everyone who was in the theater. It was a neat experience and I got some of it on video (thanks to Rebecca!) So perhaps I’ll be posting that video (maybe) if I get around to making it.  I’m still behind on emails/ everything… my college email is checked much more often than my personal one but hopefully I’ll catch up…. I miss EVERYONE.

and I have to make a special Happy Birthday to Megan. Because she’s amazing and I miss her so very much. ahhhh. So many strange feelings.  I begin my actual classes on Tuesday.  This kind of feels like I’m dreaming.  Time to go get my ID card and be an actual student.


177-182 /366, happy fourth of July!

July 5, 2012
these are in kind of a random order- but enjoy!

peach cobbler !

read the water mellon story here

and then I brought my brother, Matthew to see and play with some of the dogs I’m watching! (Joey & Sunshine pictures)


174-175 /366, pancakes

June 28, 2012
I wasn’t kidding.


131-138/366, food.

June 3, 2012
I can be a foodie, sometimes too.

in other news, I graduated High School on May 31st!
officially an FHS Alumni!

121-123 /366, total eclipse of the sun

May 21, 2012
I never thought it’d be difficult to open both eyes while looking through the viewfinder, but indeed, it is. So here I am, I figured it was probably time for a self-portrait. I typically enjoy pointing the camera elsewhere. Yesterday, quite a few exciting things happened, Prom, I’ll Have Another winning the second leg of the Triple Crown races (horse racing, if you don’t follow it.. ).
And today, today there is a Solar Eclipse, and I suppose, if you want to get technical, it wouldn’t be a total eclipse of the sun because the corona does not get covered completely by the moon. Hence, calling it a corona. But that was probably too nerdy for the lot of you. This is what happens when you’ve got brothers who correct your terms, I suppose. But then again, I probably do the same for them… in a different manner. 

(above) tracking the Sun (how far along the eclipse is) via two pieces of paper., one with a circular hole in it. Rather interesting means of research, but I suppose, if you’d rather not track the moon yourself, you could always go inside and see it on the television.

 and now for some pie! major food-treats today-

“read more” for Senior Prom Pictures (not all of them uploaded)

photos courtesy of Courtney Johnson & Daphne Andrews. (thank you!!)

116 /366 no hair, don’t care.

May 14, 2012
Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom out there. I was able to celebrate the day with family, swimming, and lots of photos. I also got a new lens (the same 50mm I borrowed at AKC Nationals) from Megan! Photo-motivation! Less editing required!  I was actually going to write a post for today, but now that I think about it… I think I’ll stick with my original caption plan. hmm.


the title of this post was referring to George! Who got a hair cut today!

I don’t particularly like this photo, but as a comparison to George with his fur (from yesterday..) you can see how tiny he secretly is.

Noelle & Rocky!

My beautiful Mom! (shhhh if she finds out that I posted this… )

Gina attacking my cake! arr!

109-115, without much finesse

May 13, 2012

I guess, you could say, I have a million possible excuses. I’ve been extremely busy, without *gasp* editing software, and not downloading the photos from my memory card, to my computer. But excuses are lame, which is why I made them in a way it so it would sound like I was trying to avoid making them… because I was, kind-of… so, without further due, here are this week’s photos…

 Tomorrow, George will be getting a hair cut… he’ll be able to cool off more… and enjoy some agility in this heat! 

 and a warm hello from my bee friends 😉

Happy early Mother’s Day!