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201-211 /366, happy birthday Harry.

July 31, 2012
So, it’s summer.  We decided to take a drive…
the benefits of living here means that the beach isn’t a long trip away.

Oh, and did I mention- today is Harry Potter’s Birthday?

a western side saddle

some, from instagram:

177-182 /366, happy fourth of July!

July 5, 2012
these are in kind of a random order- but enjoy!

peach cobbler !

read the water mellon story here

and then I brought my brother, Matthew to see and play with some of the dogs I’m watching! (Joey & Sunshine pictures)


169-173/366 the good people

June 25, 2012
It’s been a Jack Johnson kind of weekend. Well, this whole past week really. Super smooth, easy going… more family than anything kind of week. To say depressed wouldn’t work because this whole past week (or past few weeks) has been an emotional roller coaster.

I didn’t use my camera at all these past few days (poor camera) and neither of these photos aren’t even taken by me. So thanks to everyone who contributed to this segment of the 365 project. It’s just recording life accurately – I guess. 

First off, George spent the entire day yesterday with Jeni, Kai, Hanna, Tarra,  Megan and Bailey… they went to the lake, for walks and other adventures (without me!! so lucky..) 

photo by Megan Miller, thank you again

and Megan, I probably won’t stop saying thank you for the next few weeks. It’ll probably get annoying, you can tell me to stop… but I probably won’t….
anyhow, while George was having a blast (this, I’m sure of- when we got home he went right to sleep, he was totally relaxed)… I was in Oakland, with family.  One could say, times were tough… but I think there were some mixed feelings. For sure, it was rough without David. I miss him more than I could ever say. His energy and presence is irreplaceable and I only wish my own spirit to ever be nearly as kind and loving and well… full of integrity as his was and is, in each person he touched.

Leaving those thoughts in the open air seems strange. He doesn’t seem ‘gone’ at all… more so, he’s still clearly present, influencing us to be better people. So for that I owe him.

But then there were the sweet parts, reminding me what an amazing family I have, and what amazing friends my family has. The amount of support we’ve all had has been incredible.  Thank all of you very much.

exibit b: support.
well, actually, it’s just Me and Ava… and Sean creeping in the corner, she’s the best… but shh don’t tell Hanna 😉

photo by Nancy Detmers

I’m enjoying having facetime on my computer. Hanna tongue!
we look a little bit deranged, but that’s okay, we were laughing so it was worth it. Completely.

and Jake… the only photo I took – with my cell phone.
and now for some videos…

and for those of you who didn’t get to see it, here is the David slideshow video [link].
and when it’s finished loading, more Jack Johnson to some older agility clips [link].


147-155 /366, when you lose someone, you can’t replace

June 17, 2012

I don’t want to re-write it. read it here.
there are so many reasons, I’d rather not have published anything this weekend.
but it helps, reading it afterwords. Taking pictures helps. I guess.

121-123 /366, total eclipse of the sun

May 21, 2012
I never thought it’d be difficult to open both eyes while looking through the viewfinder, but indeed, it is. So here I am, I figured it was probably time for a self-portrait. I typically enjoy pointing the camera elsewhere. Yesterday, quite a few exciting things happened, Prom, I’ll Have Another winning the second leg of the Triple Crown races (horse racing, if you don’t follow it.. ).
And today, today there is a Solar Eclipse, and I suppose, if you want to get technical, it wouldn’t be a total eclipse of the sun because the corona does not get covered completely by the moon. Hence, calling it a corona. But that was probably too nerdy for the lot of you. This is what happens when you’ve got brothers who correct your terms, I suppose. But then again, I probably do the same for them… in a different manner. 

(above) tracking the Sun (how far along the eclipse is) via two pieces of paper., one with a circular hole in it. Rather interesting means of research, but I suppose, if you’d rather not track the moon yourself, you could always go inside and see it on the television.

 and now for some pie! major food-treats today-

“read more” for Senior Prom Pictures (not all of them uploaded)

photos courtesy of Courtney Johnson & Daphne Andrews. (thank you!!)

116 /366 no hair, don’t care.

May 14, 2012
Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom out there. I was able to celebrate the day with family, swimming, and lots of photos. I also got a new lens (the same 50mm I borrowed at AKC Nationals) from Megan! Photo-motivation! Less editing required!  I was actually going to write a post for today, but now that I think about it… I think I’ll stick with my original caption plan. hmm.


the title of this post was referring to George! Who got a hair cut today!

I don’t particularly like this photo, but as a comparison to George with his fur (from yesterday..) you can see how tiny he secretly is.

Noelle & Rocky!

My beautiful Mom! (shhhh if she finds out that I posted this… )

Gina attacking my cake! arr!